Monday, November 10, 2008

TIP: Grape Tomatoes for Greek Salad

Alright, so I'm not sure if this is fair tip or not, but it's something I ALWAYS do when I make Greek salad, so I thought I should pass it along.
Instead of regular vine tomatoes, I use grape tomatoes in my Greek salad. Why you ask? Well, one, is that it's prettier. Grape tomatoes add a little more flair to the salad as well as an unexpected burst of flavour while eating it. Two, less chopping. Hey, who doesn't want easier preparation and less time in the kitchen? And third, and probably most important, is for the purpose of leftovers. I love Greek salad, but I find the next day the dressing often wilts the tomatoes making the whole salad far less appetizing. I discovered that everything else holds up to the dressing well the next day, so if I could just change out those tomatoes I could have Greek salad again for lunch. Grape tomatoes were the answer. You could use cherry tomatoes as well, but they would most likely need to be cut in half, which kind of defeats the purpose. Grape tomatoes are small enough to be left whole leaving the inside just as fresh, and just as mouth popping delicious the next day!

Try it...I think you'll agree!


gail said...

mmm at Greek salad, and mmm again for grape tomoatoes!! I love that your blog is written just like your speaking to me. Fabulous :)

katty said...

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